Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleeping Babies

Have you watched the advertisment about Christmas time, where all the sleeping babies rest peacefully. (It is for pampers I think?) There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby in your arms. At age 17.5 months holding the giant almost toddler sleeping is a rare occurrence. Tonight Matias fell asleep really early and I held him, just like when he was a day old. I was so happy just holding him. I have left alot of a pre-baby Lane behind, and I alot of it to a sleeping baby.

I was always sarcastic during my pregnancy, I made jokes about how I would not change. How my life would be the same. I did that because I was so scared of the significance of my growing belly. But somehow...one day. I found a peace that is unmatched by anything that I have ever felt before.

As I held Matias tonight, less than an arm reach away sat Luis's camera, I thought I should just take a quick picture. So I grab it. Held down the button, and Mr. Sassy Pant shot up his hand and opened his eyes......

See his eye. Closed. Little Stinker.... :) He is a prankster for sure.

*Also Matias said backpack today like 15 times.....odd. But very cool when a real word comes out of the jabber....
Tonight I am organizing our belongings yet to be unpacked.....FUN!

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